Skies of the stars

This is a place where my father was born, Its 2.30 am in the morning and I'm up just wandering and travelling in the sky with my eyes. This is a small town where I am lying down on a wooden bed made of strings and ropes bound by some random brown material I don't recognise, this bed is hard and not very comfortable yet coming from Delhi, I'm so mesmerized by these stars I see in the sky this moment that I somehow forget the comfort and feel each star is a different sky of its own.

Why I mention each star has a different sky of its own is because each of these stars is actually much bigger suns of intensely massive planetary systems that are billions of light-years away.

I wonder at this moment, this sky that I see in front of me, is it possibly my sky..? the Earths sky as we know it or some infidel mirage of an immensely beautiful thing called nature. Why I call it infidel is because this beautiful night sky, playing the role of my beautifully magnetic companion right now will disappear into broad daylight no matter how much I love and plead it to stay.

Talking about the stars in the sky, are an absolute mystery in its own, and before I continue with this description of this particular sky, id just mentions that I'm an individual who has a serious love for space and astronomy, so seeing these stars and these glittering white points of streaking heavenly lights just floating above us a billion miles away makes us feel so surreal and invisible.

I realise that this skyscape of stars is actually innumerable planetary systems in their own galaxies so far away. What we understand is it's possible to exist being latent to an entire existing civilization and still be immensely powerful. What we should start believing is that in life there will be a lot of success which may appear bigger than you but don't worry about these things because as there is an ocean of stars in the universe and still everything exists so beautifully, it's possible for you to build your own dream irrespective of what other people are doing.

And then suddenly I'm reminded of this feeling, this very same particular emotion (I'm mentioning emotions as I'm an actor and I relate to space and time and smell to emotions) this emotion when you sit alone and gaze at the stars and then you're taken aback by the absence of thought and the subconscious overtake of your dreams and aspiration you have in life, this starts happening when you start calming down looking at these beautiful things and you start calming down when there's a latent kick of being high. This time is so poignant because it starts to push you to talk to yourself about your life, people, spaces, plans, things that didn't happen and your girlfriend. So what I wanted to mention is the connect these stars give you to yourself, the connect here refers to the connection of your mind and consciousness to your core, and the core here refers to the person you are inside. During moments like these, you just suspended to land in space and time where you meet the hidden you and you have a conversation that helps you erase the noise that's happening in life and helps you decide of things you really want in life..! It's a time when the individual inside you helps you make choices that will keep a smile on your face while you're in your death bed ending your life. This same person becomes more powerful when you start following your dreams but if you don't, it starts dying inside. This is when you start committing spiritual suicide..!

So now coming back from talking about life, to the hidden you inside you. Coming back to this feeling of the subconscious connect to your core, and then coming out of my subconscious to this moment where I'm lying here in the huge dark courtyard lined with beautiful flower plants around me and some beautiful trees looking at this amazing sky filled with millions of beautiful stars twinkling with so much of air traffic and planes rushing into different ways in the sky...were reminded of a basic thought that if you want to find inner peace, find your self first and find your dream.

And lastly, I just want to remind you that every sky has numerable stars but if you connect to your inner self and if you can find what you love, then you will be a star one day having a sky of your own achievements..!

Dream. Believe. Succeed. 

Live your dream.

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