Eyes like an Ocean

The love I've had for you

Is something that I've never felt before

The peace that I get from you

Is something that is exquisitely pure

Through all the hardships

Problem and trials

You held me tight like an angel in the fire

Through pain, suffering, misery, and plight

You showed me strength, courage, happiness and might

The clouds of despair and extreme failure

Aways found me scared and peculiar

But when I found you holding my hand

True love can seriously change a man

You showed me love like no love I have seen

You build me up from a broken dream

When I see you be my shining star

Always bright and never far

Shining your light on my doom and gloom

Making my life Go fine and smooth

The feeling that I get when I see your eyes

Its something that can not be described

Tangible is counted

Intangible cannot be

The maker blesses the blessed

With what eyes cannot see

I am thankful for what I found

Your eyes where I always drown

Your love is so dense and massively deep

Finding myself out of you is definitely no easy feat

Just finding ways to swim and drown

In the beauty of your soul

In the niceness of your cajole

Trying new ways to everyday dive

In the ocean of your beautiful eyes.!

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