Architecture - The Bridge of Time

Architecture, is always Dominant on time, as it takes a part of the Present to the future and always sends the future back to the Past. It is a relationship of generations which when not present in each other’s time, wants to communicate silently with each other over the period of time. Architecture acts as a bridge between these two paradigms that send across elements, traditions, and cultures very discreetly so that people from the future generations are trapped in abeyance of time. Why I call it abeyance is because even when the life of the future has moved on and they have all the modern technology making there lives easier or I should say more complex, this bridge from the past enables them to look at what simplicity can do and how powerful simplicity can be. Why I mention simplicity is usually, we find things from the past much simpler than the conventional counterparts, they are more powerful, individualistic and adamant where the considered commodity is absolutely meant for the sole purpose of satisfying what it has been for. Time,

acts as the carrier and the medium transferring the approaches from one time to the other transferring thoughts, perceptions and design identities and ideologies to the future establishing the fact that the times which have past, had the same meaning of existence and these established perpetual thoughts of the present that force the present generations to conquer and rule and to prove their superiority will just not end with this time. Human’s

being the most superior species on the planet has always wanted to establish its superiority and prominence on everything that has ever existed and this thought which wants to include everything under it and cascade the dominance on every dimension has always been so paramount that only Architecture is powerful enough to be used as a tool to transcend the latent paramountcy of the ones that once were the most divine. written in New Delhi, 6.37pm IST

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